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Tony was looking forward to today. There was an auction going on at his favorite collectors shop. Sure, he was a little bit of a nerd, but he didn't care.  He grabbed his jacket and locked the door to his apartment. 

Tony walked down the street. The store wasn't very far away, and the beautiful morning made him want to walk father today.  When he got in view of the store, he saw two people enter. The only people who ever shopped at this store were those to people and Tony. Tony looked in the window, and sure enough there were only him and two other people. He reached in his pocket to see how much money he had brought, and he only had $200 in cash today. 

"damn." Tony said under his breath. He had know idea how much the other people wanted the egg. That was what Tony was going to be fighting for. A giant blue egg. It was really shiny, and as soon as he saw the egg, he knew there was something about the egg that captivated him. 

Tony entered the store and looked around. There was a small table at the end with the egg in a glass container. Tony stared at the egg for a long time before he came back to his scenes. He took his place with the other two people and waited. After five minutes, the store manager came out of his office.

"Hi, and welcome to the auction. Today, we will be giving away this egg, a special collectors item." He stopped and waited for someone to place their bid. 

"I bid $75!" shouted a man. Tony waited for his chance to pull his money out.  

The next person put their hand up and yelled out "$150!"

Tony then lifted his hand.  "$200." He waited for someone to counter his offer, but no one did. The manager handed him the egg and congratulated him. Tony was really happy for the rest of the time being. The other two men just hated Tony that much more. 

Tony returned home with an exited grin on his face.  This was one of the first competitions he had ever won, and he wanted to make the most out of it. Tony ordered pizza, and sat on the couch, turned on the tv and watched. In ten minutes, his pizza was at the door, and he collected.  Tony relaxed for the rest of the night, until something strange happened.

He felt drawn to the egg, like he needed to protect it for the rest of his life. Tony dashed over to where the egg was on the table. He hugged it, as if it was his own. But that wasn't the strangest part about that. He felt almost attached to it, like he could never let go.  Tony then realized what he was doing, and backed away.  

"What the hell was all that about?" He wondered. He left the egg there and went back to his couch. However, half an hour later, he was drawn back to the egg, this time he couldn't draw himself away.  He felt a slight discomfort in his pants. He drew himself away just to look.  Since he was alone,  he pulled his pants down. He saw something he never dreamed of. His crotch was smaller, and not just a little. It was noticeably smaller, and getting smaller by the second. Tony was scared, but the egg still was drawing him toward it. He resisted to watch what else would happen to him. 

While his crotch got smaller, his legs were growing blue scales. They started as only a blue spot, but they soon became smooth to feel as Tony rubbed them with his hands.  They felt really good, and Tony couldn't stop rubbing. However, he stopped when his body started sucking something in, and Tony was hit with a wave of pain.  His penis was being sucked slowly into his body.  Every time it moved into his body, he felt like his internal organs moved around. It hurt a lot, and he wished it would stop. Finally it was completely gone, and Tony sighed with relief. He saw that the blue scales were at his knee caps, and still spreading.

Next was his crotch again. Tony saw this one coming.  The skin painfully stretched apart forming the opening of a slit. Tony stared as it stretched even more apart until it reshaped into a vagina. His internal organs reshaped themselves to form those of a females reproduction system. 

Tony was now scared, and got even more when his feet reshaped themselves and became claws, with his toenails becoming long claws.  The scales continued up his body, now at his waist line. His legs grew some muscle.  Tony wished he knew what he was becoming, but he had know idea. His mind was flooded with possibilities.  

As the scales covered his entire chest, his rib cage reshaped themselves and became more strong. Tony was still wondering what was happening, until it hit him. He was becoming a female dragon, the mother of the egg. As the scales grew down his arms, his hands reshaped themselves into claws, with his fingernails becoming huge claws. A pressure in his backside grew out to become a tail.  It grew huge and Tony had a fun time learning how to control it. 

His hips twisted and Tony fell on all fours. This felt natural to Tony, and he liked it.  Last to change was his face, as the scales grew across them, his ears melted into his head, and fins grew in their place. His eyes became yellow, and they slitted. His eyesight changed, as his face pushed out into a muzzle. It felt good, and all of his teeth fell out. They were replaced by pointed teeth.  His tongue grew in his mouth and his nose became two slits. As the transformation finished, he, now she, let out a loud roar.  

As she experimented with her new body, she felt a pressure build up in her vagina. It felt like something was growing inside of her.  Her stomach started bulging out as she became pregnant. The feeling was nice. But she didn't get to feel it very long. Contractions were starting already, and the egg inside of her was pushing itself out of her. As it was at the mouth of her vagina, she pushed it out. It was slowly coming out and the feeling was painful, but also pleasurable. As the egg came out of her, her new mother instincts kicked in and she cuddled her egg, waiting for it to hatch.
Another story. This one about a man becoming a female dragon, then becomes pregnant.

This one contains tf, tg, and pregnancy, and birth. If this doesn't suit you, don't read.

Please comment and tell me suggestions. Also watch me.
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DraycosDragon Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
Very good. I think this would need a continuation. Maybe a sequal or a whole series or something like that. 1 question though. Once he started to feel the changes, you never said what happened to the egg. Did it go inside him? Did he have to lay a new egg? I'm kinda confused about this
Jb227 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Woah, wait. So now there's two eggs?
william5678 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dunno about this bit-"His penis was being sucked slowly into his body.  Every time it moved into his body, he felt like his internal organs moved around. It hurt a lot, and he wished it would stop."-so you're like saying his crotch is continually going in and out?
Besides, that was one of the shortest auctions ever..
Dragonbreader Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
Ditto withe the one above
linkem59 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Student Writer
that was cool make more
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